INTRODUCING: World Changer Wednesday

Each week on Wednesday I’m hoping to share a new group, family or ethical business with you all. 

These are real life actionable World Changers. They’ll change your perspective. But mostly I hope they change you and make you actually get out and put one foot in front of the other to become a world changer yourself. They’ve done it for me. 

There’s so many ways to be the change. What it looks like for one isn’t what it may look like for another. Seek God… not about whether you should. The Bible is very clear on that! But seek Him on WHAT you can do, what works change looks like for you! 

This is the family, the woman, that began Mercy House Global. I admire her so much. And I think you’ll really love her perspective on it all! ❤️

This woman is such a fantastic blogger, I won’t even attempt to summarize or reduce what she said in any way. Just read it for yourself. You’ll love her too! 

You can even subscribe to Fair Trade Friday, a box subscription that supports their work empowering women and young mothers in Kenya.  

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